Digital skills for a brighter future

Can you help us collect 20 laptops to improve education for disadvantaged children and students in Ukraine?
While many of us take IT access for granted, there are children and students in Ukraine who struggle to get online. Ukraine is the second poorest country in Europe, where the minimum monthly wage is €166, so access to a laptop is simply unaffordable for some families. We are raising funds for laptops so we can give children and students equal opportunities to develop skills which are so essential to a successful career. 

Giving a laptop or tablet means it’s easier to study, and improved grades can increase lifetime earnings by 8%, the World Bank reports. IT skills will also be improved, and these are essential to many careers. The IT industry is one of the best employers in Ukraine.

Your donation can help to buy a laptop or tablet which will make a massive difference to a disadvantaged young person in Ukraine, so they can prepare their homework, access online resources and develop IT skills. Schools may close again due to Covid-19 so access to online education will be more important than ever to limit learning losses. Laptops will be given to carefully selected children and families as part of educational support from Care in Action. 
Fred Luzanicya is collecting used laptops at the Bayern International School and volunteers will help to prepare them for use in Ukraine. If you would like to donate a used laptop, we would love to hear from you. 
Care in Action will ensure that the children and students who receive laptops have the potential to improve their education. 97 children improved their IT skills and access to education when Care in Action gave 16 devices to students and foster families in 2020. Laptops also enabled online tutoring to help disadvantaged students prepare for exams.

Click here to donate so we can give 20 more laptops or tablets in 2021. Thank you!