Give school supplies to children in Ukraine

By giving children school supplies, and laptops so they can access online schooling and IT skills, we ensure that, despite the war, children who are disadvantaged can grow up to succeed in life.

In wartime Ukraine, children’s education is disrupted by air raid alarms and power cuts. Many children are studying online because there are not enough schools that have safe places for them to shelter during missile attacks. But up to a third of children don’t have electronic devices. Lack of resources also limits some children from having the equipment they need in school, either because their parents have a low income or because they fled their homes in the war..

Can you help us provide 200 children with the supplies they need for school? By giving these children books, stationery and school bags we give them equal opportunities to benefit from school. When we provide laptops we will help them attend online classes, meet with tutors to help them catch up, or gain IT skills that will help their future careers.

  • 45 Euros will buy the specific school supplies that one child needs
  • A donated laptop will give access to learning and homework, as well as IT skills

Our goal is to equip 200 children before the next school year in September with school supplies, and up to 25 children with donated laptops, so they can:

  • improve their education – by having what they need for school and homework
  • gain skills for decent work – through improved education and access to IT skills
  • improve wellbeing –experience less stress about study and submitting homework
  • have equal opportunities – be able to attend school like other children

Please donate now to equip a child in Ukraine for school

Want to donate a laptop or help in other ways? Contact Jasmine at to find out more.

Children tell us that stress about the war makes it hard for them to study, but they still want to do well. Our support is urgently needed. Care in Action has been working with children in Ukraine since 1998 and will ensure that every donation and laptop given is carefully used to benefit children in need. Thank you for your support!

Thank you, from Jasmine and all of us at Care in Action