February 14, 2024

280 Children and 154 Adults Engage and Grow at Our Creative Hub

Our Creative Hub is a space for learning and building resilience in children and parents who were forced by war to leave their homes or who are in very difficult circumstances. 280 children and 154 adults joined our activities there in 2023, and the Hub was visited 3,693 times.

At the Creative Hub, I've come to understand the vital importance of providing external support, recognition, and opportunities for every child's development. My time here has shown me that many parents, especially those affected by war or challenging circumstances, have limited capacity to give their children nurturing childhood experiences. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work here because it allows me to help these children and parents on a daily basis. I firmly believe that every child deserves a childhood.

“We not only give children the opportunity to discover new knowledge and skills, but also create a safe space for them: an atmosphere of openness, creativity and support. Our team is always ready to help. All of our activities are filled with valuable experiences and learning, and seeing children develop and fulfil their potential is the greatest motivation for us.

“I constantly notice the positive impact of our activities on both the young participants of our programmes and their parents. The smiles on the faces of our visitors - from the youngest to the oldest - are the best reward." - Program Manager Anastasiia Lychak

Some of the achievements of 2023:

  • 42 classes, including English for teenagers and basic education for primary school children.
  • 100+ workshops covering various topics such as art, jewellery making, cooking, gardening, sports and traditional crafts.
  • 15 Ukrainian cultural events that provided an opportunity to explore interesting traditions, learn different crafts or simply enjoy shared moments of fun and celebrate important days together.
  • 64 excursions for children and parents: this gave them the opportunity to get to know their new environment with visits to famous museums, historic theatres and amusement parks in Lviv.
  • 5 x week-long camps for schoolchildren during holidays: this not only enabled children to spend their time productively, but also allowed their parents to focus on work and personal growth.
  • Day care centre for preschool children is open every working day, allowing parents to work and children to integrate and learn.
  • 178 art therapy counselling sessions, both group and individual, to ease trauma for children and their parents and provide them with comprehensive support.

Meet Ivanko

Every family that comes to the Creative Hub events has a story, usually marked by a difficult choice to leave their home and start building a new life from scratch.

This is Ivanko, a bright 4-year-old with dreams of becoming a train driver. Ivanko and his extended family once lived happily in the vibrant city of Kherson, but the outbreak of war shattered their peaceful life. Only on the third attempt did his mother, Olha, manage to evacuate Ivanko from the occupied area. Arriving in Lviv, a city unfamiliar to them, Ivanko and his mother found refuge and support, allowing them to gradually adjust to their new community.

"Luckily, we met wonderful and sympathetic people from the NGO "Care in Action". They provided us with help and shelter. This allowed us to recover and return to some normality in this temporary situation. We have realised that in all our challenges, there are always people from Care in Action who help, support, represent our interests, and involve us in creative events, activities and workshops.

"They provided humanitarian aid like food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, clothes, shoes, and medicines. When we rented a house, they gave us a starter kit with essentials for cozy evenings: blankets, pillows, and a gas burner and lamps to help during power cuts. On weekends, we enjoy playing board games like "Who am I?" and "Lobster," as well as reading books they provided." - Olha Lytvyn (Ivan's mother)

Ivan and his mother at our Creative Hub workshops. With a safe environment and constant support, Ivan's adjustment to the new city has been smoother, and he's crying less for his family back in Kherson.

The Creative Hub is constantly evolving and expanding its activities. At the beginning of 2024, our specialised page appeared on Telegram. This will allow even more beneficiaries to learn about our services.

We are deeply grateful to every donor for their support which enables this crucial project, benefiting children and families displaced by war and those facing hardships.

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