December 12, 2020

New mentors ready to help children

We are happy to announce that 18 people completed our mentor training! Two training courses were delivered, enabling mentors to be a strong support for orphans or children who don’t have parental care. We completed the second course by hosting it online.

Mentors have an important role to play in helping children who live in institutions to prepare for independent living. When a child in care is moved from one institution or foster family to another, a mentor can show the child that it’s possible to trust and build reliable relationships. Our Guardian Angel programme works with trained and supported volunteers to provide mentors and educational tutors to vulnerable children and young people.

“I realise that now I am ready to become a mentor, and that inspires me. I learned that I will not be alone on this path, I will have support when I need it, and just how valuable my contribution can be. Despite my initial reservations I am confident that I have a lot to offer a child. Care in Action offers a community where I felt extraordinary love, and also learned keys to communication and understanding people which I can apply to my everyday life.” – Training participant

What did we cover in the three-day course?

  1. Legal requirements – regulations and how to register as a mentor in Ukraine
  2. Child development – The differences in socialization for children in institutions, and the myths and stereotypes about orphans. We looked at the development needs for children who are classed as needing a mentor, and how to work with children with special needs.
  3. Mentor’s role – How a mentor can help a child prepare for independent living and support personal development. We also discussed the difficulties a mentor may face when interacting with a child and practiced some role-play.
  4. Healthy relationships – our expert coaches gave advice on how to establish healthy and trusting relationships and shared their own experiences.

We know that the training will provide a solid foundation for high-standard, effective mentoring.

“Thank God and all who helped to set up the mentoring programme! I am sincerely grateful to Care in Action for the chance to attend the training. Over the three days we learned a lot about the social development of children living in institutional care.”

We know that a mentor cannot change a child’s past, though they can change their future! If you would like to be a mentor in Ukraine, an online tutor, or a sponsor to help a child, contact us today at (Ukraine) or