+++ Ukraine Emergency Humanitarian Appeal +++

Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing from the war in Ukraine. Institutions are caring for frightened refugee children and rural towns are finding places for families to take shelter. Refugees are in desperate need of shelter, bedding, food and hygiene essentials. Our Care in Action team are helping provide these both in Ukraine and Starnberg, Germany. But we also need your help.

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Please donate and help us respond to this enormous crisis:

How your donation helps:

  • 6€ provides a bed in a hostel for a refugee mother and baby
  • 25€ provides 40 hot meals for refugees
  • 165€ provides 20 refugees with transport to safety at the Polish border
  • 5,000€ provides medicine, nappies and other supplies, which are distributed with our partners
  • Every donation helps to buy supplies and support refugees, no matter how big or small.


On behalf of the children, families and our team in Ukraine, we thank you


With your help we can change lives

Everyone who makes a donation or gives their time makes it possible for another child to have a better life. Thank you!

What people say about what we do

Liza Aleksandrova

With your help I was preparing for exams all year long. With the extra classes and tutors I passed the state exams in my school with the highest grades in all subjects! Now I am going to study even harder in Mathematics and English, because I want to be an IT specialist.
Child in care, Ukraine


I’m glad I met people like you at the Family Camp. It helped me to start believing that real and sincere friendship exists! I have started looking at this world from a different perspective, and now it seems to be a much better place.
Fostered child, Ukraine

Rostyslav Galelyuk

Do not bring children sweets and TV sets. Give them the tools and the knowledge that will take them into adulthood.
Care leaver, Ukraine

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