August 05, 2020

New opportunities to help children

Distributing food through the crisis has connected us with some of the poorest families in the Lviv Region. Our volunteers already know some of the children through their work with children’s homes as they are back with their families now. We can help by providing food, activities for the children and support for education.

During the crisis we had to step up to ensure that children have the food they needed when parents lost jobs. Public transport is still not running so people in rural areas find it difficult to get the work in town and cheaper shopping that they rely on. We have regularly helped 100 families since April, and 15 families in the Kamyanko-Busk region will continue to need food aid until December. There are many more ways we can help.

“Children need more than food, a roof over their heads and basic education, they also need family, love and positive integration into society.” Werner Lehnis, Co-Founder of Care in Action

Our volunteer teaches children how to stay safe

In two towns we organised special activities for the children when lockdown eased, as part of our TOGETHER child development programme. After months of no school in this quiet village the children were so happy to participate. The Mayor made the school hall available so 15 children from institutions and families who are struggling could come together. Four volunteers helped to make this a memorable experience. It was a happy moment when children who are usually in institutional care recognised the volunteers who visit to do TOGETHER activities with them.

There were team building games, a photo treasure hunt and a problem-solving quest. The children prepared a song and gave enthusiastic performances. One volunteer is a doctor and she gave a lesson on how to stay safe during the Covid pandemic. We will repeat the programme in neighbouring communities.

It was wonderful to see the children enjoy themselves after months of quarantine

Through the TOGETHER activities we get to know the children and help them develop interests and hobbies, which boosts confidence and communication skills, and link the children with further support. In these communities we have identified children who could use tutoring to help with school work. Our Guardian Angel programme will ensure that the children have the school books and stationery they need to study when school starts in September. We want to give children from poor families equal opportunities to learn and achieve their potential.

There may be the opportunity to repair a family home so two girls don’t have to return to the children’s home in September. We are consulting with Social Services and assessing the work needed so the sisters can grow up in their mother’s care.

Thank you to all of our donors and volunteers who support better opportunities for children!

Khrystia and Hennadiy (on the right) and our volunteers are happy to be helping children


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