February 14, 2023

Children’s activities reaching far and wide

In this time of war and school interruptions we are bringing children joy, activities and holistic development. Our trained volunteers go to children’s care homes, crisis centres and temporary shelters to offer a varity of fun and educational activities. And in rural areas we sponsor weekly dance, volleyball and kickboxing activities for children. Donors can help us bring these activities into new areas to help children in this difficult time.

Some highlights from our “Together Programme” for 2022:

  • 144 child development programs
  • 2,139 children’s participations
  • 4,144 volunteer hours

We offer a wide range of activities with themes such as art, sport and music, and also take children on cultural excursions around Lviv. These programs brought everyone together, especially children and adults who were forcibly relocated by the war.

“We brought 27 children from vulnerable families in rural Polonychi for their first excursions in Lviv, including a trip to a rescued animal shelter and a pharmacy museum where they could try various chemical experiments. The children were so excited they didn't want to go home!” – Khrystyna Savchyn, Programme Coordinator

Two art events took place in cooperation with Lviv City Council, where children painted pictures with advice from professional artists, which were then sold to raise money for medical care for children injured in the war. This way children understood that they can help others too.

Our team and volunteers are travelling to children in need of creative activities across the Lviv region. You can see some more wonderful photos at the end of the article...

Regular activities in rural areas

While Lviv has cultural activities and centres like our Creative Hub to offer help, children in rural areas have very limited opportunities and income. We partnered with 4 villages where there was a real need to introduce weekly activities for children who experienced disadvantage. The Council provided free venues and helped to select safe and expert trainers.

Since November 2022 we have seen:

  • 108 children enrolled
  • 6 weekly activities: 2 dance, 2 volleyball, 1 kickboxing, 1 after-school care
  • Positive changes in confidence, social interaction and personal development

Viktoria, teacher of the after-school group wrote: “Most of the children I work with are from quite poor families and I know that parents wouldn't be able to help their children with their school work. I feel that children appreciate the opportunity and I am happy to be able to respond to their needs”.

The volley ball teacher explained how a boy who was overweight and shy has gained in confidence. He has also seen interactions become more positive between the boys and girls in his class and everyone is learning teamwork.

“My son was never interested in dance classes, but three months have passed and he continues to visit them. I am just very happy he has something he enjoys in such a difficult time”. – Mother

We want to thank every donor to Care in Action who makes it possible for us to support children’s healthy development in this time when they have so much stress from war, lack of electricity and interruption to school. Every donation is appreciated and helps us reach more children.

Through art children can express themselves and help others - these paintings were sold to raise funds for medical care for children injured in the war.
Children from Polonychi loved their first ever trip to Lviv and enjoyed the new learning experiences.
Our regular activities in children's care homes mean that volunteers can get to know children, and this can lead to other kinds of help such as partnering a child with a mentor to prepare for life after the care home.


Sponsor a child

You can sponsor a child in Ukraine or Malawi and change their life for the better with a monthly donation of €30. In this time of crisis more children need the security of regular sponsorship to support their education and meet their basic needs.