November 23, 2020

TOGETHER for children from families in crisis

Our TOGETHER activities bring children a happy change from the pandemic routines and valuable medical literacy classes. Quarantine restrictions have had a big impact on our regular TOGETHER child development programmes. After a long break, our volunteer Team Leaders could organise activities for children from families in crisis in the Lviv, Busk and Kamianka-Busk districts. There were 10 programmes in which 130 children participated.

Together with volunteers the children made their own art creations, competed in quizzes and quests, and talked about emotions and how to recognize them. There were also classes on food, where the children made creative sandwiches and learned about safety in the kitchen and budget planning.

“I am very glad that after such a long break were able to lead a programme for children. We were in this district for the first time, hosting activities for children who were helped with Care in Action food distribution. Us volunteers realised how much we had missed interacting with children.

"The children began to get involved and together we had a great time. I was particularly pleased with five year old Arsen, who showed initiative and happily agreed to a responsible role. A future leader in the making!” - Daria Zhukovska, leader of the program in the Busk district

A medical literacy class was led by our volunteer Yaryna Kpuchak. She introduced the role of a General Practitioner and what to do when you feel ill. Then she taught first aid for injuries with bleeding and how to competently call an ambulance. Importantly, they also talked about Covid, how it differs from the flu, and how to protect yourself with good handwashing and safety measures.

Team Leader Yaryna teaches handwashing and first aid techniques

We are ready to bring medical literacy classes to children in more institutions, crisis centres and communities when quarantine conditions allow this.

We sincerely thank all the team leaders and volunteers who joined the programmes and shared their time, care and love. Together for the children!

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