Sponsor a Child

You can sponsor a child in Ukraine or Malawi and improve their prospects for life, with a monthly donation of €30. This works because we give carefully selected children the help they need so they can have equal opportunities and develop their potential.

Monthly sponsorship helps a child to access education, develop skills for work, and cope with the problems of severe poverty. It is not a handout, but a structured method where we encourage a child to commit to their education and empower them to succeed.

In Ukraine sponsoring a child often covers the costs of tutoring, helping to improve grades so they can go on to access state-funded higher education. We have helped young people through nursing college, where sponsorship can pay for needed books or equipment. Seeing a child go from a disadvantaged background to being able to contribute to society and earn a decent living is what our sponsorship programme is all about.

In Malawi there are many bright children who cannot complete secondary school because they simply cannot afford the fees. Sponsoring a child means they have equal opportunities to get an education. Young people who were sponsored have gone on to study teaching, computer science or get decent work.

A sponsor gave Iryna the chance to go to university, by paying for tutoring so she could pass entrance exams.

For Iryna, who grew up in a children’s home in Ukraine, the chances of getting a higher education and then a good job were very small. Sponsorship gave her the tutoring she needed to improve her grades and gain a state scholarship to study Journalism, changing her prospects for life.

In Malawi, Diston is bright and studies hard but comes from a poor farming family. Sponsorship meant that his parents didn’t have to sell their land to give him a secondary education. He says:

I will be working hard for this money not to be wasted but to achieve something that can make my life go higher with education.”

As a sponsor you will receive a handwritten letter from your sponsored child, with a photo and update, two times in the year. Our Sponsorship Administrators treat each child as an individual, keep careful track of progress, and monitor use of funds. We work with their family and support siblings who need sponsorship, to help in a way that makes a lasting improvement.

You can make a tremendous difference to a child who has had a difficult start to life, choosing whether to help in Ukraine or Malawi. Your monthly sponsorship of € 30 can change a life for the better. Get started by filling in the form below and we will be happy to answer any questions.

We look forward to introducing you to a child who needs sponsorship. Thank you!